Friendship, love…and other things we don’t understand

Friendship takes time

As a social being that I am whether I want it or not I cannot be blind to the relationships and interactions between people. I often realize that the values on which I base my friendships and relationships are not in common understanding with the values that the other one possesses. How so? Well… 

Why I feel sorry for men, at times

Woman goes crazy

Chaos. A beautiful chaos. Possibly that is the closest definition I can give to women. The „beautiful” part is relative and does not apply to all women. Not because they don’t have a perfect fit body, but because their personality and character are so low that I fear. I fear of  becoming one of them. I look at them and wonder what on Earth trashed them so much?

Who is the right person for us?

The right person

More than once people fall in love with the wrong person. Some realize this and they change something, some are stuck in the same old cycle and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Finding the right person for you has to follow a pretty stable algorithm. This choice is more scientific than romantic, but it does well.

How do you handle FEAR?

Overcome fear

I have to confess that 2017 is the first year for which I have no plan, no idea, no prospect, no wish, nada. It’s freaking terrifying because I feel like I am off the rails. Or should I feel like this? Is fear the demon or the motivator?

How do we flirt in 7 steps?

Flirt in the right way

The science of flirting will be debated forever. As much as people try to create a standard for the flirt, each person has its own way of showing care and love…or interest. Despite this, there are still some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to flirting.