Summer love – are you ready?

Summer crush

We are on the doormat of summer. It’s already May and slowly the temperature rises and the clothes get thinner and less. This means that there are more and more possibilities of social interactions because people are going out of their houses tempted by the sunny coffee shop terraces and flowerish alleys. This also means that there are more chances to stumble across a feverish crush or a possible long-time relationship. Hah, if only…

The new social and Eco business model

Green business Verdabelo

Lately, I’ve been mingling with all sorts of business people, it’s not that I go out in high society but you can find amazing entrepreneurs with down-to-earth vision right in your neighbourhood like the Verdabelo guys. This made me realize that the world is moving in a new promising direction. If you plan to start a business, you should check this out.

Accesorii pentru primavara

Accesorii 2017

Mai-marii modei au decis ca exagerarea este prielnica pentru anul 2017. Probabil e nevoie de o descatusare de la energia negativa a anului trecut, dar oamenii simt ca au nevoie de mai mult. Si cand vine vorba de accesorii suntem incurajati sa alegem mai mult.

Are you sure you are in a relationship?

Coupling differently

Last time I had anything to do with a relationship it involved meeting up for a coffee quite often, talking face-to-face, hanging out, having a lot of social interaction (you perv, go away!). I am not that old, I am really not old, but in a few months (1-2 years) things have changed big time.

When you are so caught up in your little world…

Talking alone

You are narrow-minded. I ended up talking these days with two persons that repeat on and on what they know and what they feel. They don’t accept other opinions. Plus, whatever you say, they interpret it as if you speak against them. It’s like I’m talking alone, and they are talking alone but we are doing it face to face. For me…it’s tiring. It’s a waste of time. It’s their little world trying to eat up my world.