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Articles written in an international language so we can reach people all over the world. We're writing for fun, for self development and raising awareness of education, love and self-nurturing.

A new perspective…where to?

New Year

Oh shit…It’s the New Year. It’s 2017. But that is not the spirit we are looking for. Hey, we need to change this melodramatic perspective on life and Re-Shift! What exactly do I mean by „re-shift” Well…

What bothers women?

men and women sexual joke

Growing up surrounded more by male groups, I’ve noticed something when it came to sexual jokes. Men take them as „jokes”, women take them as „insults”. But why?

Circles and circles in life


I was discussing life with a friend some time ago. She reminded me about how whatever you do in life, comes back and bites you in the ass. How people you’ve met once come around and cross your path again. I doubted it. But something happened…

Meet Patience-my Bff


We live in a world of high speed, and no, I am not talking about the speed of a Ferrari, or Internet speed per country, or the speed limit on a highway; I am talking about how we burn steps nowadays, in almost everything that we do.

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arab, parfumuri

Tendintele arabesti din vara asta

"Nu stiu altii cum sunt" dar mie imi place sa miros frumos. Si banuiesc ca si altora le place ca eu sa miros frumos....

Meet Patience-my Bff

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