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Articles written in an international language so we can reach people all over the world. We're writing for fun, for self development and raising awareness of education, love and self-nurturing.

Why I feel sorry for men, at times

Woman goes crazy

Chaos. A beautiful chaos. Possibly that is the closest definition I can give to women. The „beautiful” part is relative and does not apply to all women. Not because they don’t have a perfect fit body, but because their personality and character are so low that I fear. I fear of  becoming one of them. I look at them and wonder what on Earth trashed them so much?

Do not let yourself controlled, Be free!


I have recently moved abroad to the land of Shakespeare, fish and chips and well lets face it lots of rain. I will not linger on too much on cultural differences however I will share with you guys something that made a strong impression on me.

5 reasons why social media sucks


Social Media – the network that connects all people to all people. You can talk with your friends overseas, you can follow the celebrities you droll over, watch movies, get music – it’s all fun until someone gets hurt.

Shaming the Internet


Voices, face, figures telling people all over the Internet what to talk about and how to talk about. Each word you speak gets banned, criticized, analyzed, attacked. Are we really free to speak and to think?

10 Tips to do Better in a New Year

Be better with 10 simple tips

There are two types of people in this world: those who need to be pushed, pulled, encouraged or guided and those who stand up on their own. We have come up with 10 Tips to do better in a New Year that work for both types of people. We don’t want to limit our list to 2017 hence we think these tips work for any new opportunity or time in someone’s life.

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