There are hundreds of diets for reducing toxic aliments from your meals. Scientists, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches throw in their „specialty” to prove that some foods are bad and you shouldn’t eat them. However, so few people tell you that there is another toxic element in your life. Read on…

Let’s say that you, as plenty others, have decided to turn your life for the better. You start to eat healthier, meaning more veggies, less meat, more water, less juices. Your body starts to feel better but your mood doesn’t. Why is that? For a change to be complete, you must „diet” your mind, too. Less toxic thoughts, for a starter.

However, this article is not going to be your common motivational: „think positive, think dessert!” and you’ll be amazing.

Nope. This article is quite an alarm clock. On the display it says:

„You have toxic people around you. Move away”

There are family, friends, work colleagues or lovers…but they are toxic to you. Now, don’t imagine, we’re telling you to live isolated in a cave, or remove everybody around you that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What we’re saying is:

„You don’t owe anything to anyone”

And not only this. You have to be wide-awake and aware that you are free:

„You are free to dislike and part ways”.

With family is a bit harder, dang you, Rousseau, with your social contract, but…your way out of family is „mindset”. It’s easy to get so personally involved and drained in family issues and when you are a bit selfish, the family goes against you. Don’t feel guilt. You are not an unlimited resource. You have a lifespan. A ticking clock. A life that was given to you and you only.

Serve yourself.

Help others, be there for them, but never forget to be there for yourself.

Gain autonomy by protecting your mind from other people’s problems. Protect your soul from other people’s dramas and take care of your health.

Is everybody in the house eating meat but you want to go vegan? Go vegan.

All your friends are married but you don’t like the idea of marriage?

Don’t like it.

All your female friends are talking about babies?

Stand up and leave the room. Tell them to call you when they can discuss other subjects, too.

Human Consumerism

People consume everything at a rapid pace. They consume relationships and other people, too. It’s some sort of cannibalism, at a more pretty level.

When they cannot drain your energy, thoughts or time anymore, they leave you. Or, when you tell them „Stop”, they say: ” why are you so mean?”

Well, be mean. The thing is, very few people realize that life is precious. It’s precious in the way that every second you spend it’s unique. Routine doesn’t actually exist. You live once. Everything.

So make sure you are the one living your own life.