Have you noticed what I’ve noticed? It’s been a couple of weeks since this idea clearly formed in my head but I decided to leave it latent and continue to observe people around me – strangers, family, friends, myself, etc. The thing is, people are scared. They are constantly paranoid, fretting, brooding, yelling, running. What’s happening?It might be due to the instability in politics, or the failure of economies but after all, all these systems exist as a result of people interacting with people. So, this problem of people being scared must be more profound than buffoon politician.

My guess is that we feel like we lose control over our own s…stuff and we don’t know how to regroup. Bad news is that we always lose control because there are soooo many things that do not depend on us such as….life. Good news is….that you do have control over yourself.

How many of you are sick of hearing people say: it’s your fault because you don’t have a proper job or that you cannot find the loved one, or that you don’t have friends?

This is half-true. Yes, half of the situation is created by you, however, the other half is managed by the Universe, world, other people so…don’t be too harsh on yourself.

You might be unemployed because people did not give you the right opportunity yet. (or because you spend all day in front of the PC gaming with no job application in your entire life)

You might have less friends because you are honest and selective when it comes to spending time with someone.

You might not have a lover because you have a deeper and more clear understanding about how a relationship should be. You decided not to waste time on superficial interactions, but care for yourself.

And it’s fine. Slow down. Stop being scared of your future or of committing to yourself. Tend to your wishes and dreams.

Each time you feel like you are losing control again, take a deep breath, re-think the situation.

Let me sneak in a little faith talk: the Universe has a mind of its own; science cannot explain it yet but if you look around you will see there is always a balance of good and evil. Where there is light, there is shadow. So life must have ups and downs and there is always an „up” after a „down”. The only thing you should control is your opinion on what matters – you matter. The rest is the responsibility of the Universe.

So, be brave and carry on!