If you are a consumer of literature, cinema and other form of art, you surely consumed love stories, too. The miracle of love appearing from nowhere to the most unhappy and changing their life for the better. In real life, we follow those stories creating guidelines and ratings that would help us find love. However, there is one secret that everybody overlooks in those love stories.Before I go on and reveal the secret, I must say that most people think love stories are fiction and cannot teach you anything but dreaming all day long and having high expectations that are never fulfilled. This can be true, but, there is something that love stories show us.


This is the supreme secret of any healthy and successful relationship. We have to look for people we are compatible with. If you read or watch again those fictional love stories, you will see that the characters mention the fact that „that person is suited for me”, or „he understands me”.

How do we do that?

Well, if you are like the rest of us and have no clear idea of who you actually are, you can take this quick test. It is available in plenty of languages: English, Romanian, Spanish or even Japanese and has a pretty accurate result. The personality test is based on psychological ideologies and analysis of traits which offer a clear or close image on your personality type: behaviour, likes, dislikes, etc. The fun part is that it also tells you your compatibility with other types and what should you look for in a love partner.

Why is compatibility important?

Compatibility between personalities is a must because it helps us find that exact soul mate or someone close as philosophers struggle to understand. It creates a powerful bound between us and our partners and brings evolution in our lives.

We all search for someone that understands us, supports us and help us develop, hence our compatible partner offers us just that.

It’s not only about love, though. Compatibility should exist in all our interactions, at work place, in family or with friends. If you feel out of the place, an outsider or misunderstood is probably because your personality doesn’t suit the personality of the others and you should look to tie connections with people that suit you. Connections based on compatibility are more successful and lasting.

Take the test and tell us your result. We are eager to learn if the test is accurate! Comment below with your four letter traits and if you agree with the result.