We are on the doormat of summer. It’s already May and slowly the temperature rises and the clothes get thinner and less. This means that there are more and more possibilities of social interactions because people are going out of their houses tempted by the sunny coffee shop terraces and flowerish alleys. This also means that there are more chances to stumble across a feverish crush or a possible long-time relationship. Hah, if only…There is something wrong about this period, though – more heartbreaks. Do you know why?

I am venturing to an answer: Social interactions stink.

They stink because people, most people are not aware. They are not aware of themselves, of the surroundings and especially of the other person.

I have met soooo, but sooo many people, boys and girls that have a crush or they are looking for someone to love, but they only talk about themselves and what are their expectations.

Here is my supreme question to you: What do YOU have to offer to someone else?

Most men, I’ve heard, answer with: money or/and sex.

This is not a good answer because you probably don’t have that much money to please a woman’s crazy shopping need which goes and on and on and on and implies: clothes, furniture, garden decorations, food, etc.

And…you cannot predict a fiery, sexy time in bed because a potential „woo-oho” moment depends very much on compatibility, hormones, buoyancy and others.

Women usually say:…what do women say? Loyalty or friendship? Or…sex? or…good food? or….understanding?

The thing is…we have no idea what we actually have to offer to the other person. In fact, we should be able to offer to that person whatever we ask from them.

So before launching yourself in a new relationship or hunting down new crushes, think about yourself.

How would a person benefit from having you in their life?

Good luck!