Lately, I’ve been mingling with all sorts of business people, it’s not that I go out in high society but you can find amazing entrepreneurs with down-to-earth vision right in your neighbourhood like the Verdabelo guys. This made me realize that the world is moving in a new promising direction. If you plan to start a business, you should check this out.

The business world has constantly moved between the two motto’s: „Less is More” or „The more, the merrier”. However, the new success is measured like: „more green is definitely better”.

What do I mean by this?

Well, Nature has proven many times to mankind that we’d better work with Her and not against. (for some reason, Nature seems sexier as a woman…or wait…a green-leaf God. O.M.G) So, most industries have been cutting trees, digging up and over the earth, creating deserts out of rich forests, simply put – damaging.

Nature goes: hold-on, hold-on, you’ making a mess in my yard, yo!

Some smart minds got this message and decided to fusion business with protecting nature. As a start-up, it’s easy to choose the green way because you’re doing that right from the scratch. For example, the guys from Verdabelo offer heating boilers with a green touch. They follow an ecological way of saving energy and heating up your house. The products that they distribute, whether it’s gas heating installation or upgrading an entire heating system, are in line with the international standards of protecting the Nature. They diminish the level of bad gas and encourage a cleaner environment. Being an energy saving company, Verdabelo has also committed to the CSR (corporate social responsibility and environment protection) duty. They are getting involved in tree-planting projects and so on.

And this is the most important part that most businesses ignore. Getting involved in the social community with Eco-friendly projects.

A business doesn’t have to destroy, but has to encourage growth.

You selling boilers? Make it green, make it friendly.

You have an IT company? Get into outside activities.

You’re creating jewels? Incorporate Nature.

Businesses and projects that work against Nature and don’t include parts of CSR will sooner or later fail. Why?

Simply because the customer changed as a consumer. The customer realized that there are no trees to climb, no parks to enjoy, no forests to explore.

So, when creating your business, include a green plan, as well.

Verdabelo green act

P.S: If you are in UK and your boiler and heating system collect dust for nothing, go visit these guys; they have boilers and heating accessories that follow an Eco-friendly guideline plus they have packages customized according to your budget.

Remember! Even in your personal life, including walks and activities in Nature provides oxygen to your brain and a better overall life performance.