Last time I had anything to do with a relationship it involved meeting up for a coffee quite often, talking face-to-face, hanging out, having a lot of social interaction (you perv, go away!). I am not that old, I am really not old, but in a few months (1-2 years) things have changed big time.

I see around couples that are not really couples. They are just two people blocked into a room together. I was shocked to hear from many of my acquaintances that are in so-said „relationships” how they spend time with the loved one.

It involves technology.

And not the fun, entertaining type of technology.

One of them plays at the computer, the other one probably even in a different room reading or chatting away.

And it’s not something that happens during the weekend or when they are bored, but each and every day when they are not at work.

So a relationship nowadays is consumed as follows: work, online, work, online, work, online…wait, is that a relationship or just a waste of time?

The thing is nothing good can come out when you are just breathing next to your partner. You will soon find out you don’t match and break up after 3 years of online gaming or chatting. Grab him or her by the hand and walk in the park. Go to the cinema. Talk about things.

If they don’t want to, open their eyes. Tell them time is ticking and not for our gain.

It’s easy to fall under the spell of technology or not doing anything because it’s comfortable, it’s simple.

But we’re losing by being comfortable in this way – we’re losing precious moments, laughter, good memories, people.

It’s time to be with that person not next to that person!