You are narrow-minded. I ended up talking these days with two persons that repeat on and on what they know and what they feel. They don’t accept other opinions. Plus, whatever you say, they interpret it as if you speak against them. It’s like I’m talking alone, and they are talking alone but we are doing it face to face. For me…it’s tiring. It’s a waste of time. It’s their little world trying to eat up my world.You know, if we are going to have a conversation, don’t ask me to shut up and just listen to you. I won’t. I can’t. I don’t want to. For example, someone sends you a picture of their favourite place in the world. You reply:”cool, it’s so lively and crowded. Not my thing, but…cool” and that someone replies with:” what’s wrong with you? why do you keep insulting the things I like?”

Believe me. It happened to me.

I was in awe. I knew that person had self-esteem issues and some distortions in private life, but really? How can you disconnect so much from reality? From the rest of the world? It frightens me. Then I looked around and I realized that there are a lot of people unaware of their defects.

What I mean by defect is something that is not functioning well in your life or little world and has something to do with you directly. But you don’t realize it and you let it boil there and with the first opportunity it lashes out. Against others. But you still don’t see it’s your problem, you are the problem. So you believe everybody is mocking you, not understanding you, insulting you, and so on.

That is why I encourage people to take time and look inside of them. If you are in agreement, in harmony with yourself, the others can criticize each step you make in life and you shouldn’t care. You wouldn’t give a damn on what they say. Create your own world freely, but reign it with wisdom and openness. Don’t make out of it your prison.

They say something about your lover? You chose him or her, why do you care what they say about your love?

They argue about your passion? It’s yours. They can mind their own business, you mind your own.

They comment on your new haircut? So what? You chose it, you wanted it like that.

Be responsible for your own choices. For your own life.

When you cannot take calmly and open-minded a critic, an insult, it means you have a huge problem with yourself. Deal with it. Don’t force others to deal with you.