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What it means to be kind

Be kind

Kindness is slowly vanishing from this world. Kindness that translates as generosity and good thoughts. I am not going to discuss why kindness is disappearing, because the main reason is selfishness. People are too busy to be the ONLY centre of the Universe. What I am going to talk about is: how to be kind.

Selfish is the wrong term, stop using it


It’s no new info that I have a particular cringe when it comes to motivational speakers or lifestyle coaches, but I’ve noticed something that makes me shook my head. Words – this real world’s magic is loosely used and sometimes, it might encourage people to negative experiences. What am I talking about?

Reduce toxicity in your life

Toxic people

There are hundreds of diets for reducing toxic aliments from your meals. Scientists, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches throw in their „specialty” to prove that some foods are bad and you shouldn’t eat them. However, so few people tell you that there is another toxic element in your life. Read on…

People are scared

why u scared

Have you noticed what I’ve noticed? It’s been a couple of weeks since this idea clearly formed in my head but I decided to leave it latent and continue to observe people around me – strangers, family, friends, myself, etc. The thing is, people are scared. They are constantly paranoid, fretting, brooding, yelling, running. What’s happening?

In the pursuit of love

personality match

If you are a consumer of literature, cinema and other form of art, you surely consumed love stories, too. The miracle of love appearing from nowhere to the most unhappy and changing their life for the better. In real life, we follow those stories creating guidelines and ratings that would help us find love. However, there is one secret that everybody overlooks in those love stories.